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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Story Session

At our last meeting, we made a time to meet on Tuesday for a story brainstorming session. We met at a house, pushed the furniture out of the way, took down wall decorations, and piled post-it notes on the floor. Went to town.

Here's what we came up with, very rough.. very rough. These aren't the final compositions or acting. We're just getting the story down. Read from Left to Right.

We like whats forming so far, but we do realize some flaws. After the last post-it the girl then runs to.. something.. and skids to a stop at a cliff. She pulls a big head of carrot out of the ground, only to realize it's dinky. She chucks the dinky carrot at the monster and reached again for another one. This one is a huge.. "sword" carrot. As the sandwich monster lunges for her, she thrusts at the monster and catapults it off the cliff. The monster falls of the cliff in slow mo and then transitions too..

The idea is working, and it's working great. But we really need to tie in those loose ends fast.

Towards the end of the meeting, James whipped out the guitar and we all started singing an intro to the film, improv style. Just for fun, to let the brain breath and keep the meeting light hearted. Then we came up with the name for the short, which was just jotted down on a post-it days before.

Molly Sandwich

Keep checking back and feel free to comment your ideas. We need them ^_^

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