We're a group of Columbus College of Art and Design students/recent graduates working on a short film, Molly Sandwich. This whole blog is dedicated to the progress of the short. Feel free to browse and meander through all of our collaborative spectacles.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Story Board Roughs

James busted out some story boards so we can have an idea of how the intro is playing out. We're still developing them, but they are an awesome start of what's to come.

The girl is walking up to the bus. Close up on her face the shadow of the bus fills the screen. Shot from behind the girl looking into the entrance of the bus. Wide shot of the bus and girl. Someone yells "NERD!" from inside the bus.

Shot from the bus looking at the girl. A hand throws a sandwich. Close up of the girls face.. close up of a sandwich flying.. close close up to the girls face.. close close up to the face of what appears to be an open faced sandwich. Cut to the girl being hit in the face with the sandwich as people start laughing off scream.

Th girl begins to get consumed by the sandwich. Like she is being cocooned inside her own head of fear and embarrassment. The screen goes black, the girl appears in this sandwich world. She looks behind her to see a sandwich, the sandwich turns to reveal his face which is nothing but loose meats/lettuce/etc..

That is how far we got so far. A lot of the shots still need working out, but it's an establishing idea of what we're going for. After talking to Ron after the meeting, he gave us some ideas and concerns to look at:
Does the girl have a mom? Why is she at a bus stop alone? Etc..

These were discussed, and we're adding and adjusting accordingly for the next meeting. Maybe we can fill in this plot holes for a smooth story.

New Character Designs

Meg came out with guns blazing.

She started working different variations of the character that was liked most from the previous meeting.
Lot of ideas were thrown around. Things such as:
Changing the hair style. Maybe it's parted?
Making the eyes smaller.. playing with the refraction in the glasses
Positioning of eye brows
Adjusting bagginess of paints and shirt.
Backpack looks.We enjoyed second from the left a lot 
Color Scheme thoughts
Theres a lot of nice things going on with the girl character, but just not quite there.

Meg even made some Sandwich Monster concepts. 
Immediately loved the second from the right. The crowd favorites were the second from the left, and the last two on the right. Taking parts of our favorite designs, she will be putting some more together for us.

More character revisions to come. Keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Been 10 Days!

Wow, it's been a long time since an update. Been doing a lot of account maintenance to make sure we have places to upload videos/pictures/tweets/etc..

Had a meeting on 10/22/10. Was awesome. Meg brought in some new character sketches for the characters, but primarily the girl. Check it out:

We decided we loved the one on the top left. Next meeting she will be giving us some more concepts on the monster,girl, and a splash of color ideas.

James made a rough board of an alternate ending we could play with. Although interesting, it was shying away from our original epic ending.

In this, the girl is waiting at the bust stop. Bus pulls into shot. Girl looks into getting on to the bus. The camera cuts to the girl who is being called names from inside the bus, then a passenger throws a sandwich at her. The sandwich morphs around her and changes her world into this dark abstract world that is in her imagination. Chase begins between the girl and a giant sandwich monster. They dead end at a cliff, camera rotates over the shoulder to show the sandwich monster is gaining on her. The girl leaps and barely makes it to the other side as the sandwich leaps after her. The girl is hanging on the ledge. The girl kicks the sandwich and the monster plummets to its death.

We got more boards coming in soon. I'm excited to see them.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome to the Beginning

Hello everybody.

This is the progress blog of a computer animated short for Columbus College of Art and Design. The teams ideas have been all over the place, but we've finally nailed down a single idea. It's exciting, I hope everyone enjoys it.

The Team:

Darren Simpson: Director/Modeler/Lighter
James Sharp: Storyboard Artist
Margaret Hardy: Style Developer/Concept Artist/Character Designer
Alex Alvarado: Texture Artist
Madhavi Mhaskar: Animator/Modeler
Palmer Pattison: Animator
Greg Browe: Animator
Joe Mcinnins -  Animator (potentially)