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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another story meet

No pictures to show here, but we did meet again today to try and clean up the ending we had from last night. Still having trouble linking it together. We were able to steal a professor, Tom Richner, away to take a look at what we have. His comments and ideas were definitely enlightening.

One idea he had was to keep the girl in shadow till she gets called a "NERD!". Then reveal light on her coming from the bus. It's a really cool idea that can give a stronger intro to the character and maybe a more fun gag moment in the beginning.

Another was to switch the setting from the bus stop to the cafeteria, and then have her fighting back in the end by throwing food.  Which makes complete sense, but is kind of cumbersome to move the story like that so far into the production schedule. We're going to try and take that idea and implement it in what we have.

On top of that, we were able to eliminate a lot of ideas and bring new ones to the table. Here's to a brighter future and a finished story.

Keep moving on.

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