We're a group of Columbus College of Art and Design students/recent graduates working on a short film, Molly Sandwich. This whole blog is dedicated to the progress of the short. Feel free to browse and meander through all of our collaborative spectacles.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Animatic with noise!

James, Madi, and I got into the soundbooth to record some temporary sound over the animatic...

but we did some more fun things as well. Stay tuned

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Today in the labs, we will be roughing out sound. So far, it's coming along nicely

James did some great work

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Final timed animatic will be posted tonight!

I'm very excited to do this, was going to post it in the morning.. but had some scheduling conflicts.

I look forward to uploading it soon.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Molly Progress Pictures

I made some more progress on Molly. She's coming along, made a lot of subtle changes..

Finishing her up soon

Credit Animation Board

Mardi did an awesome job creating the story that plays during the credits of the short.

Fun and exciting, check out the board.

Molly Sandwich Credit Storyboard v1

Character Development Boards

Margaret made some character boards. Looking amazingly lovely.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sandwich Monster Model - Finished

Finished the Sandwich Monster model. All the bells and whistles and good geometry.

Had a problem the longest time with the mesh including with itself, but it's all figured out. Good times are ahead. Now, I release it to Alex Alvarado for some amazing texturing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Credit animation

We wanted to do something fun at during the beginning of the credits of the film. Lucky for us, the amazing Mardi Girard was in the room during discussion.

Welcome to the team, Mardi. She will be animating a short 20ish sequence of fun animation during the beginning of the credits. Excited to see this.

Newer rough animatic

Had a Stubble animation day with James, Meg, and I. Fun times.

James was able to complete an animatic for Molly Sandwich. I'm showing this for progress, the animatic doesn't stand on it's own yet, still very rough, but it's close to complete.

Just need to clean it up and flush out the timing. Hopefully it will read better on Tuesday. Keep you posted!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Animatic

James is plowing along, check out the latest animatic. Still LOTS to be done.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Roughity Rough Rough Rough Animatic Test

James was playing around with Storyboard Pro for the animatic. Now that he has gotten a hang of it, we should have a complete Rough Animatic on Friday.

The video below is a rough Animatic of Molly Sandwich. This animatic is soo rough that it isn't the complete story or timing. It's just..  a rough test.

Hope it excites you. It's exciting us.

3D Sammy

Sandwich is looking great. Inches away from being textured. Here's our progress:

This is where we were last semester

Same model, just the turn-arounds

New revised model. Ready in T-Pose, time to texture!

Lets see some 3D Molly

Molly has come a long way, but after just compiling these images, I feel she might have aged over the process... Take a look

This is Molly at the end of last year. 

Same Molly with turn arounds.

After talking with Mark, he showed me where I was missing an edge loop.

So, we all got together and made some revisions on Mollys face, however I'm not sure if it helped her over-all childish look. I'm going to need to discuss this with the team on this one, maybe I went wrong somewhere or I'm just not seeing it as a whole. 


latest draft
We met again and made a few more changes, so lets see what becomes of Molly.

Color design - Vortex

Here are the color designs Meg did for the vortex.

There are several nice things going on here, but she is going to take these designs and mix them with an early concept piece she did

The vortex will be really dark, not pitch black, with slow swirling clouds in the background. Rays of light will shoot down from the vortex while the characters are falling.

This will hopefully mesh together nicely, and give a stronger emotion during this part of the film.

Color design - City

Margaret was playing more with the color

I love these so much. Totally poster worthy. We're getting real close on the color.


Taking what Meg just did, she went in and implemented them more with the current storyboard. Notice how a cloud looms behind the bus. When she gets attacked by the sandwich, the clouds start to swirl around her "HA HA HA" emitting from them, and then the screen effortlessly transitions into the vortex.


I'm sure by now, everyone is wondering what the building looks like in which Molly lives. It just so happens that Meg did a fantastic job with the building outlines and turn arounds in December.
Notice the little cloud designs. So cute.

In the below image Meg was playing with different ways the vortex can look and interact with the environment.

Using vortex looking clouds can help tie in and foreshadow what is about to happen.

Where have we been??

It's been an exciting past two month, and we are still pursuing our deadline. I will get everyone up to date with the next couple of posts.

Before I start updating with a handful of concept designs, models, etc.. Let me introduce some new members to the team.

Nick Jensen is willing to devote some time aiding us in the Ncloth area of the film. Very very much needed and appreciated.

Alan Becker, Tyler Lancaster, and Jen Stefanski will be joining us in the animation department. We are super relieved and ecstatic to have a larger animation team. This will help us reach our mid April release goal.

Thanks to all of you! ^_^