We're a group of Columbus College of Art and Design students/recent graduates working on a short film, Molly Sandwich. This whole blog is dedicated to the progress of the short. Feel free to browse and meander through all of our collaborative spectacles.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Discovered Scribd!

James found this nifty sight, now feel free to view the boards in a quick and easy .pdf format!

Molly Sandwich Storyboard

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cleaning up the boards more

The boards are still rough, but James was able to clean them up from their sketch book versions. Awesomeness.

Read from left to right. Feel free to check out the boards on Google Doc for easier viewing by clicking on this link, or checking on the right side bar, where the Story Boards are constantly updated.

Once the document loads on Google Doc you have the option to Print out or Download a copy for yourself by going to the File menu on the upper left hand corner of the Doc. 

Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3
Panel 4
Panel 5
Panel 6

Friday, December 3, 2010

Final Storyboards: Rough

James polished up the rough boards last night.

Read from left to right. Boards will be polished up better on Sunday, and the animatic for timing will be done at the end of the month. More in-betweens will be added to the animatic for the animators on mid January.


Panel 1


Panel 3
Panel 4
Panel 5
Panel 6

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Progress Reel - 12/02/2010

This is a Progress Reel put together with all the concepts, designs, and boards from this project. The final boards and 3d Character Models should be done soon.

Enjoy the slide show.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More revisions on the Story Boards

These are more revisions on the same board.

Storyboard revisions

Straight from James sketch book.

This is the new storyboards with the final story. I understand it might be hard to read, I'll try and add some kind of narrative.

Read from the very Left to the very Right.

Updated Turnaround

Meg made some revisions to the Sandwich turnarounds.

She also finalized the Molly turnarounds. Everything is looking great.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Environment Updates - Void

Now here are some void designs Meg did when Molly is falling and being chased by the Sandwich

this picture above is the vortex swirling with light.

Environment Updates - City

Meg came in with some very nice environments. The lighting and structure is looking a lot more solid. Below are some illustrations of the city varying in color.

Sandwich Model

Started to work on the Sandwich Model for my Advance Time Based Class. I think it's coming a long. Need to finish the lettuce leaf part..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Done with the Sandwich

Just in: Sandwich Monster turn arounds are complete. I'm really excited, time to do some 3D work =).

In the end, the sandwich will be more hunched over, but I can soft-mod that afterwards.

Thanks Meg!

Gotta Love that Turn Around Progress and a glimpse of the environment

Meg cleaned up Molly's turn arounds more, they are really close to being nice and neat and tidy. Though, I am going to go ahead and start modeling. I can adjust accordingly when the turn arounds are complete in a few days. Awesome!

The sandwich is also booking along:

Meg also played with environment setting. I'm liking what she is doing, more environments will be done by Tuesday and we can get a better feel of what the layout will be like.

Few Story Boards - Ideas are always changing

Today Alex and James came in with some story boards. I apologize first hand, because I forgot to grab Alex's boards from him, but they're good. I'll update when he gets back in town.

For Alex's idea, when the girl gets pecked by the sandwich, she gets consumed and a black vortex appears and sucks her into this black void. As she is falling, the tomato is chucking tomatoes at her. She gets chucked in the face and her glasses fly in the air and bust the sandwich with light magnifying through the glasses lens.

For  James' idea.. it takes off where the last boards end that are in the same series.

But when the girl comes back to the real world, her and the sandwich have a face. Theres a huge slow mo battle scene where the girl bursts the sandwich with the sunray/glasses attack. The kids on the bus observe this and get scared. Their silhouette moves to one side of the bus as she gets on and the story ends there.

Merging both ideas, we came up with:

The sandwich is thrown at the girls face, she immediately gets swallowed in this embarrassment vortex the leads to a black empty void. In the void, she is falling and falling. The girl looks behind her and notices a giant sandwich monster flying towards her. The sandwich repeats attacks on the girl by throwing tomatoes and the like. As they are falling in the void, they pass through occasional rays of light, then the girl realizes every time she passes through a ray of light, her glasses catch the light and magnifies the power into a beam which injures the sandwich. The girl then takes advantage of this situation and blasts the sandwich full power. This blasts a whole in the void and the camera cuts back to the real world. The girl is just standing there with her glasses held above her head, with a smoking open face sandwich lying at her feet. She gets on the bus and the other passengers run to one side in fear. END.

 An extremely rough animatic will be done on Tuesday. The timing will probably give a better feel for the story.

Character Turn Arounds almost done

Meg came in with the working Character Turn Arounds, they will be finished shortly. I can't wait to start modeling.

The girl is looking nice, just need to clear up some lines. And need to see the face without the glasses.

Revised monster mouth. Had confusion on he was going to move his mouth. Solved it by having the mouth under the tomato.

Story Update

Had a meeting with Professor Tom Richner again. He gave us some interesting new ideas as far as the story goes. He suggested we not close off other ideas yet and to consider some new ones.

Maybe we can have the girl hit the monster with sun beams bouncing off her glasses.
Maybe we should try for a bigger pay off in the end, other than her just getting back onto the bus. There could be a bully the the girl actually fights back with, etc. What if the whole thing took place in a cafeteria oppose to the bus stop.

A lot of interesting ideas, we're going to take what we can and come up with some story boards for the next meeting. The story is important to finish, but I understand we have to continue strong with production as well.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another story meet

No pictures to show here, but we did meet again today to try and clean up the ending we had from last night. Still having trouble linking it together. We were able to steal a professor, Tom Richner, away to take a look at what we have. His comments and ideas were definitely enlightening.

One idea he had was to keep the girl in shadow till she gets called a "NERD!". Then reveal light on her coming from the bus. It's a really cool idea that can give a stronger intro to the character and maybe a more fun gag moment in the beginning.

Another was to switch the setting from the bus stop to the cafeteria, and then have her fighting back in the end by throwing food.  Which makes complete sense, but is kind of cumbersome to move the story like that so far into the production schedule. We're going to try and take that idea and implement it in what we have.

On top of that, we were able to eliminate a lot of ideas and bring new ones to the table. Here's to a brighter future and a finished story.

Keep moving on.

Story Session

At our last meeting, we made a time to meet on Tuesday for a story brainstorming session. We met at a house, pushed the furniture out of the way, took down wall decorations, and piled post-it notes on the floor. Went to town.

Here's what we came up with, very rough.. very rough. These aren't the final compositions or acting. We're just getting the story down. Read from Left to Right.

We like whats forming so far, but we do realize some flaws. After the last post-it the girl then runs to.. something.. and skids to a stop at a cliff. She pulls a big head of carrot out of the ground, only to realize it's dinky. She chucks the dinky carrot at the monster and reached again for another one. This one is a huge.. "sword" carrot. As the sandwich monster lunges for her, she thrusts at the monster and catapults it off the cliff. The monster falls of the cliff in slow mo and then transitions too..

The idea is working, and it's working great. But we really need to tie in those loose ends fast.

Towards the end of the meeting, James whipped out the guitar and we all started singing an intro to the film, improv style. Just for fun, to let the brain breath and keep the meeting light hearted. Then we came up with the name for the short, which was just jotted down on a post-it days before.

Molly Sandwich

Keep checking back and feel free to comment your ideas. We need them ^_^

A nice taste of the environments

Meg made a few sketches on different ideas of the environment. Can't wait to see what she can really do. Once the Character Designs are done this weekend, she will be giving environments on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it.

The bus climbing the San Francisco hill to her house.

The girl waiting at the bus stop.

Little bit of a concept of the abstract 'sandwich land'

Just an abstract thought process. Helps keep the art moving.

We mentioned last meeting on having her being led out the door by her mom. This introduces the idea more.