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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Few Story Boards - Ideas are always changing

Today Alex and James came in with some story boards. I apologize first hand, because I forgot to grab Alex's boards from him, but they're good. I'll update when he gets back in town.

For Alex's idea, when the girl gets pecked by the sandwich, she gets consumed and a black vortex appears and sucks her into this black void. As she is falling, the tomato is chucking tomatoes at her. She gets chucked in the face and her glasses fly in the air and bust the sandwich with light magnifying through the glasses lens.

For  James' idea.. it takes off where the last boards end that are in the same series.

But when the girl comes back to the real world, her and the sandwich have a face. Theres a huge slow mo battle scene where the girl bursts the sandwich with the sunray/glasses attack. The kids on the bus observe this and get scared. Their silhouette moves to one side of the bus as she gets on and the story ends there.

Merging both ideas, we came up with:

The sandwich is thrown at the girls face, she immediately gets swallowed in this embarrassment vortex the leads to a black empty void. In the void, she is falling and falling. The girl looks behind her and notices a giant sandwich monster flying towards her. The sandwich repeats attacks on the girl by throwing tomatoes and the like. As they are falling in the void, they pass through occasional rays of light, then the girl realizes every time she passes through a ray of light, her glasses catch the light and magnifies the power into a beam which injures the sandwich. The girl then takes advantage of this situation and blasts the sandwich full power. This blasts a whole in the void and the camera cuts back to the real world. The girl is just standing there with her glasses held above her head, with a smoking open face sandwich lying at her feet. She gets on the bus and the other passengers run to one side in fear. END.

 An extremely rough animatic will be done on Tuesday. The timing will probably give a better feel for the story.

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