We're a group of Columbus College of Art and Design students/recent graduates working on a short film, Molly Sandwich. This whole blog is dedicated to the progress of the short. Feel free to browse and meander through all of our collaborative spectacles.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome to the Beginning

Hello everybody.

This is the progress blog of a computer animated short for Columbus College of Art and Design. The teams ideas have been all over the place, but we've finally nailed down a single idea. It's exciting, I hope everyone enjoys it.

The Team:

Darren Simpson: Director/Modeler/Lighter
James Sharp: Storyboard Artist
Margaret Hardy: Style Developer/Concept Artist/Character Designer
Alex Alvarado: Texture Artist
Madhavi Mhaskar: Animator/Modeler
Palmer Pattison: Animator
Greg Browe: Animator
Joe Mcinnins -  Animator (potentially)


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