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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Story Board Roughs

James busted out some story boards so we can have an idea of how the intro is playing out. We're still developing them, but they are an awesome start of what's to come.

The girl is walking up to the bus. Close up on her face the shadow of the bus fills the screen. Shot from behind the girl looking into the entrance of the bus. Wide shot of the bus and girl. Someone yells "NERD!" from inside the bus.

Shot from the bus looking at the girl. A hand throws a sandwich. Close up of the girls face.. close up of a sandwich flying.. close close up to the girls face.. close close up to the face of what appears to be an open faced sandwich. Cut to the girl being hit in the face with the sandwich as people start laughing off scream.

Th girl begins to get consumed by the sandwich. Like she is being cocooned inside her own head of fear and embarrassment. The screen goes black, the girl appears in this sandwich world. She looks behind her to see a sandwich, the sandwich turns to reveal his face which is nothing but loose meats/lettuce/etc..

That is how far we got so far. A lot of the shots still need working out, but it's an establishing idea of what we're going for. After talking to Ron after the meeting, he gave us some ideas and concerns to look at:
Does the girl have a mom? Why is she at a bus stop alone? Etc..

These were discussed, and we're adding and adjusting accordingly for the next meeting. Maybe we can fill in this plot holes for a smooth story.

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