We're a group of Columbus College of Art and Design students/recent graduates working on a short film, Molly Sandwich. This whole blog is dedicated to the progress of the short. Feel free to browse and meander through all of our collaborative spectacles.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lets see some 3D Molly

Molly has come a long way, but after just compiling these images, I feel she might have aged over the process... Take a look

This is Molly at the end of last year. 

Same Molly with turn arounds.

After talking with Mark, he showed me where I was missing an edge loop.

So, we all got together and made some revisions on Mollys face, however I'm not sure if it helped her over-all childish look. I'm going to need to discuss this with the team on this one, maybe I went wrong somewhere or I'm just not seeing it as a whole. 


latest draft
We met again and made a few more changes, so lets see what becomes of Molly.

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